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Video Testimonials

Jean Duyon - College Student

Andrea Tobias - College Student

Herve Domingo - College Student

Jauquinn McCullough and Kimberly Lewis  

Janent Abbot - Professor

Raymond Palmer - Director of Student Services

Kamau Ptah - Co Founder of Urban Assembly of History and Citizenship for Young Men

Sheila Durant - Principal of Elementary

Armia Tremwell - 1st Vice President for Community Education Council - District 7
Daryl Benjamin - Guidance Counselor
Janice Robinson - Project Manager
Cecilia - High School Student

Liz Porter - Community Education Council
Linda Tillman - Family Health

Dante G - High School Student
Wanda Sanchez - President's Council District 12

Raymik Williams - Community Education Council District 5

Nina Lublin - Professor

Sherrae Hayes  
Tiana Crowely
Walter Galieano - Assistant Principal

Matthew - High School Student



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