"Don’t wait for someone else to take a stand against bullying- it’s up to you"  

–Traciana Graves


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Certified Project Bully Free Zone Trainers

Due to the widespread need and increased popularity in anti-bully programs in schools, colleges and workplaces throughout the country, Project Bully Free Zone offers various training programs and certifications to share pointed, accurate and timely information about bullying and its related forms, including harassment, sexual assault, violence, hazing and cyberbullying. Trainees are certified to provide on-going support and training to their constituents using Project Bully Free Zone tools including worksheets, best practices and the PBZ model. Trainees will learn to customize the Project Bully Free Zone model to the needs of a target audience to arm them with the tools they need to recognize, intervene and/or prevent bullying in their communities.

Who Should Train With Us

Are you interested in fusing your passion for creating sustainable, safe, healthy and productive schools and organizations with your talent for speaking and working with others? If so, we’re interested in helping you learn! We work with:

  • Human resources professionals
  • College students
  • Educators and administrators
  • Parents

and anyone else interested in taking their understanding of and passion for creating bully free zones to the next level.

What You Will Learn

            Trainees choose from the following modules:

  • K-12 Audience Training
  • College Training
  • Workplace Training
  • Women in the Workplace Training

to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to captivate and enrich a target audience with age-appropriate and audience-specific information, discussion points and strategies.

Project Bully Free Zone offers a three-session training model that enables trainees to understand:

  • The Project Bully Free Zone keynote model and curriculum
  • Resources for targets, bullies, bystanders and the greater community
  • How to maximize Project Bully Free Zone resources including workbooks, best practices and the PBZ model
  • Curriculum that engages and empowers participants in seminars and programs
  • Strategies to create sustainable change in schools and organizations

Trainings are personalized to cover state-, district- and organization-level rules as a way to ensure that schools, colleges and companies benefit from being in alignment with state and federal laws as well as rules that apply to your district, campus or workplace.

Upcoming Trainings
In addition to our in-house training, we offer monthly virtual lessons and trainings via Skype and ongoing direct follow-up support through telephone and email.

Price Points
Invest in an HR professional or educator by sending them to our training. Doing so is a great way to ensure that the various books and downloadable kits we offer are used to their fullest potential in your community. Contact us here for information on price points.


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