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Traciana Graves has both the skills and the heart to work with students and staff in extraordinary ways and to achieve results that are truly transformational. For a school, district, or community organization, the “value added” will be an invaluable investment in its culture and future.

Mark Weiss
 Executive Director of Operation Respect
and a former New York City school Principal

I am extremely excited to say that I just had the pleasure of observing and working with one of the best performers for school assemblies I have ever seen. Traciana was absolutely flawless in her delivery of educating and entertaining the students at P.S. /I.S. 192. She taught them about being a good person and how to maintain their good character. I was very impressed with her ability to gage the crowd and adjust her program to the different attention spans, needs, and developmental capabilities of the students. If your school values good character and wants to prevent bullying from occurring in your classrooms then this program will make that happen for you!

Donna Cuccurullo
Guidance Counselor PS/IS 192

Traciana Graves was a true hit at this year's YouthBridge-NY Leaders to Leaders Youth Summit!  The passion she has for her making a difference in the world, truly shined through her case study workshop.  The students were engaged and excited about the ways that music can be used to connect and empower youth worldwide.  Even facilitators who were passing through the hallways were truly moved by the sounds of youth singing as they walked past her session.  I look forward to remaining in touch for projects in the future.  

Sherrae M. Hayes
Program Assistant

Traciana’s Songnote presentation was great! Young people need to know and hear that something as simple as a song can be their driving force to be active in their community. It teaches them that what you have inside of you is good enough to be the change.

Tiana C.
10th grader at Family Service of Westchester

Traciana is an inspiring and a great speaker!

Dil R.
9th grader at Marta Valle High School

Before Traciana’s Songnote I never realized how contagious singing and songs can be. Traciana also helped me to realize that I truly do care about this world and want to make it a better place for all people everywhere.

Terrell Wheeler
Social Studies teacher at Westchester Youth Council


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