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Meet the Project Bully Free Zone Team

The Project Bully Free Zone Team melds talent with passion and expertise.

Project Bully Free Zone connects dynamic, experienced and passionate speakers with schools, campuses and workplaces throughout the country. Each speaker is placed with a school or organization relevant to their needs. Project Bully Free Zone recruits and trains high-caliber, dynamic speakers who are passionate about fusing their talent to carry out programs written by anti-bully expert and founder of Project Bully Free Zone, Traciana Graves.
Project Bully Free Zone speakers include:

  • Youth experts
  • College keynote speakers
  • Professionals with a background in HR
  • Panels of current students from the Project Bully Free Zone Youth Squad who share their experiences, insights and expertise gained during their own training as members of the squad

Each speaker is also active in implementing supporting programs and initiatives in addition to delivering presentations.

For information on K-12 presentations, click here.

For information on college presentations, click here.

For information on workplace presentations, click here.



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