"How can women break through the glass ceiling if they are ducking verbal blows from other women in cubicles, hallways and conference rooms?"  

–Mickey Meece
New York Times Staff Writer


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Project Bully Free Workplace
Creating safety, inclusion and respect for all.

Women in the Workplace Presentations

As the laws are changing, companies are left susceptible to lawsuits and fines. Bullying in the workplace contributes to lost productivity and woman-hours for companies and depression, PTSD and anxiety for victims. Project Bully Free Zone's programs leverage song and storytelling while emphasizing experiential learning to help companies create workplaces of dignity, respect and comfort. Participants of Project Bully Free Zone programs gain:

  • Hands-on experience to identify
  • Develop a "toolkit" and plan of action to prevent bullying from affecting their place of work
  • Access to a follow-up webinar, review materials and free mid- and post- presentation surveys

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Women In Power

An astonishing FORTY percent of workplace bullies are women. Even more devastating, SEVENTY percent of women target other women when bullying.

As women step up the career ladder, they often battle other women to break through the glass ceiling. Thus, the way that women interact with one another in the workplace is often vicious. This presentation:

  • Fosters networking and leadership styles to help women thrive in their careers and personal lives
  • Facilitates a dialogue that strengthens community among the participants
  • Creates a sustainable environment of cooperation and collaboration between women in the workplace
  • Helps participants become better equipped to excel professionally
  • Addresses strategies to achieve a better work / life balance as women climb up the career ladder

Women will walk away empowered to interact in a manner of sustainable cooperation and collaboration with other women in the workplace.




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