“…when something is wrong, we need to speak up, and we need to take action.”  

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Presentations for Schools

How To Use Your Voice And Create A World Where Everyone Fits:
Assembly and Classroom Sessions

For Grades Pre-K-3 (45 to 60 minutes)
In this presentation, students are introduced to the different types of bullying and taught how words do hurt people. We will also introduce the term "cyberbullying." We know that children are using technology at very early ages to perpetuate school bullying; educational awareness is essential from the beginning to make a difference for tomorrow. These topics are directed through song and music, which is a proven method of teaching young children the importance of proper social behaviors.

For Grades 4-8 (50 to 75 minutes)
Students will hear the tragic stories of victims of school bullying. We will also discuss such topics as bullying, bystanders and cyberbullying. Preteens face peer pressure every day at school and in their communities. The desire to fit in, coupled with challenging schoolwork, may influence the decision to not report or get involved in a bullying incident. With this in mind, students are encouraged to recognize and respect their peers for their differences and to speak with a trusted adult when they experience or witness any type of bullying or cyberbullying. We address these issues through creative writing, song and proactive participation in community service activities. At the end of the presentation, students are allowed to ask questions.

For Grades 9-12 (50 to 90 minutes)
At the high school level, students are confronted with many decisions in their social and personal lives while using technology that can have a negative effect on their futures. Since colleges and employers are looking at social networking sites prior to conducting interviews, students need to understand that what they put on the Internet stays there FOREVER! We will share bullying stories and cyberbullying anecdotes along with discussions regarding bullying, bystanders, cyberbullying and "sexting" issues.  Students will have the opportunity to express their own experiences through songwriting and music. They will also learn the importance of spreading the word throughout their community through service-oriented projects.

For Professionals and Parents

How What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, Your Students and Your School: Professional Development Workshops (Approximately 50-90 minutes)
This presentation is designed for educators, administrators, counselors, social workers and law enforcement as well as other professions that relate to the well being of children. When school bullying and cyberbullying are observed or reported to individuals in authority, it is essential that they be knowledgeable of and updated on the proper protocol to address situations that may influence their classrooms, social gatherings, lunchrooms and meetings. In today's economic climate, securing funding can be difficult. This presentation outlines different cost-effective strategies to implement bullying awareness and education initiatives within any school's budget. Questions are welcome at the end of the presentation.

Bully Free On A Budget (Approximately 50-90 minutes)
This is an interactive workshop for administrators struggling to promote bullying awareness and prevention for teachers, staff and students while navigating the budgetary constraints that are facing school districts. Participants leave the workshop with strategies and resources to integrate anti-bullying activities into their schools immediately without spending a lot of money. Administrators will be provided with hands-on follow-up materials and "homework" that will encourage them to rethink and revisit initiatives they put into place weeks, months and years after doing so.

How What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, Your Family And Your Kids: Parent Workshops (Approximately 50-90 minutes)
This presentation provides an overview of the technology that students are using in today's world. Life is very different for students today than it was in earlier generations. As parents and community leaders, it is imperative that we continually educate ourselves to become better equipped to help our children. Stories of the consequences victims of bullying and cyberbullying have endured will be shared. We will also address topics of how to recognize and prevent incidents of bullying, bystanders, cyberbullying and sexting. A question and answer session will be available at the end of the presentation.

School Residencies
Creating Bully Free Zone Residencies (Available in 3 day, 5 day, & 7 day packages)       
All Creating Bully Free Zone Residencies are available for students, parents and educators of student populations grades PK-12. For more information,
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The 7 Songs & 7 Keys to a Bully Free Zone Book
Project Bully Free Zone provides complimentary training and discounted pricing for bulk orders of the
7 Songs & 7 Keys to a Bully Free Zone for Parents and Educators Handbook and the 7 Songs & 7 Keys to a Bully Free Zone Student Workbook which can both be customized to address school- or district-specific rules, laws, and issues. For more information, click here.


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