"At my school, we kind of tease each other as a joke between friends. That's just what we do. "  

–Sean Finch


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Project Campus Life

Traciana Graves’ Civility in Action programs leverage song, storytelling, experiential learning and multimedia  and are particularly geared toward the needs and interests of students and advisors active in:

• Residence Life
• Greek Life
• Athletics
• Women’s Studies
• Health and Wellness
• Counseling
• Diversity/Tolerance Councils
• LGBTQ-Straight Alliance

Civility in Action programs for students include:

Seven Keys to Building a Strong Campus Community
This highly engaging, action-packed presentation tackles issues facing campuses today, such as the unique challenges each school faces in creating a safe campus environment that appreciates, respects and encompasses all demographics. Traciana shares key strategies to empower students to share their unique voices in their various roles around campus as they simultaneously benefit from a campus where their peers are doing the same.
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Accepting All Students: The ABC’s Of Creating An LGBTQ-Straight Alliance
This presentation facilitates alliances between LGBTQ and straight students to create a culture of dignity and respect for all on campus. Participants are empowered to recognize how creating a community of zero tolerance allows everyone on campus to achieve their maximum potential in a safe learning and living environment where everyone is respected and included.
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How To Create a Hazing Free Zone
Traciana lost her brother during a horrific hazing incident in which hundreds of bystanders stood by and did nothing. During this presentation Traciana shares facts about hazing, how the laws can affect the lives of students found guilty of hazing and how Greek and athletic organizations as well as residence life can cultivate a safer and more respectful culture of friendship and inclusion during initiation and beyond.
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