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Creating safety, inclusion and respect for all.

Project Bully Free Zone offers organizational training and executive coaching for organizations of any size. Through ongoing organizational training and executive coaching, Project Bully Free Zone makes bullying at work obsolete by partnering with employees and leaders throughout your organization to create customized workshops, trainings and initiatives that enable participants to achieve positive results in their lives and careers.

Through the process of coaching, participants:

  • Develop strategies to develop a culture, protocols and performance that prevents bullying in the workplace and its various forms, including harassment, violence, sexual assault and cyberbullying
  • Improve their workplace performance
  • Enhance effective communication
  • Foster greater appreciation for inclusion
  • Stand up to the workplace bully or bullies
  • Create strategies and protocols to create a community of respect and dignity for all employees

During Project Bully Free Zone's training sessions, participants and groups:

  • Learn to interact with one another as a cohesive team with shared goals
  • Explore how to survey and include feedback from others
  • Craft initiatives that focus on creating and maintaining a healthy, happy workplace
  • Create or reinforce anti bully policies in an inspiring, understandable and interesting manner

Project Bully Free Zone's strategy is to stop bullying in the workplace and inculcate an environment of respect and dignity over time. We establish an anti bullying culture in your workplace by giving employees key information in easy-to-understand portions. In each session, participants establish the focus and goals for the day. This interaction creates self-awareness and moves the participants into action. Coaching accelerates the participants' progress by providing a strategic approach and perspective that will result in a successful life-changing journey. Project Bully Free Zone provides ongoing follow-up support in between coaching or training sessions to assist participants in moving forward and making progress.


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