“It’s important that we all come together, in the private and public sector, to work on [bullying].”  

–John Sexton
President of NYU


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Take The Pledge, Join The Movement

Project Bully Free Zone acknowledges and celebrates that everyone has an essential and unique voice and a choice of what to do with their voice every day.


As a result, Project Bully Free Zone has created an effective and tangible pledge that empowers everyone, including

  • Parents
  • Students
  • Educators
  • People in the workplace

The Project Bully Free Zone pledge empowers people to “walk the walk” when it comes to preventing and intervening in bullying and provides

  • On-going monthly tips
  • Strategies to help your community sustain their commitment to the pledge
  •  Empowerment for people of all ages to use their voices to effect change, realize their potential and be themselves in a community of respect and tolerance



To take the pledge, sign up here.




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