Whatever you call it, whether it's sexual harassment, hazing or bullying,
the damage and the solutions are the same.

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How To Create a Hazing Free Zone

Traciana Graves shares her experience of losing her brother during a horrific hazing incident in which hundreds of bystanders stood by and did nothing. Using song, storytelling and research packed multi media, this presentation explores how such tragic events are not isolated and what Greek and athletic organizations as well as residence life can do to create positive initiation experiences  and beyond. During this presentation participants:

  • Learn to leverage leadership to be create a culture of leadership and service in their organization and on campus
  • Internalize the various laws that apply to hazing and bullying
  • Discover tips and strategies to implement positive initiation activities and rituals
  • Cultivate a safer and more respectful culture of friendship and inclusion within the Greek, athletic and residence life communities and on campus in general

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