Whatever you call it, whether it's sexual harassment, hazing or bullying,
the damage and the solutions are the same.

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The Face of Bullying and Cyberbullying on College Campuses

College is often thought of as the best four years of a student's life and yet:

  • Almost 25% of college students report being bullied
  • One third of all youth suicides (people ages 15-24) are linked to bullying
  • 42% of college students are suspected of being cyberbullied, but the majority do not report it
  • Only 25% of LGBTQ students and university employees who have been harassed due to their sexual orientation report incidents

Bullying and the various forms it takes, including hazing, harassment, sexual assault, and cyberbullying, is one of the most troubling problems on college campuses across America. Many bullying and cyberbullying incidents are not only unreported, they are unrecognized. Whatever you call it—sexual harassment, hazing, bullying, etc.—the damage and the solutions are the same.

The Reality of Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention

While colleges provide training and activities at freshman orientation, residence life orientation and campus gatherings that celebrate diversity on campus, there is little or no training to identify and prevent bullying and create an environment where students are safe and EMPOWERED to take a stand and respect others.

The Effects of Bullying and Cyberbullying on College Campuses

  • Behaviors that are viewed as harmless jokes by some propel others into depression or suicide
  • Lack of appreciation for diversity
  • College campuses become a place of stress and anxiety for students
  • Low academic achievement and increased drop-out rate
  • Increased levels of students engaging in high-risk behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse as well as sexual promiscuity

Project Bully Free Zone's Solution
Project Bully Free Zone works on campus to create sustainable, long-lasting university communities of respect and dignity. Our staff does not lecture students or bore them with dull presentations that don't have much chance of getting through to them. Rather, we utilize storytelling, group activities and interactive song, methods that grab students' attention and INVOLVE them in the process. Most importantly, these methods deliver SUSTAINED positive results.
The following campus programs can co-sponsor Project Bully Free Zone presentations as they are particularly geared toward the needs and interests of students and advisors active in:

  • Residence Life
  • Counseling Services
  • Greek Life
  • Health and Wellness
  • Athletics
  • Diversity/Tolerance Councils
  • LGBTQ-Straight Alliances

Project Bully Free Zone Offers:

  • Campus workshops, presentations, trainings and on-going residencies
  • Customized editions of the 7 Songs and 7 Keys to Bully Free College Handbook  


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