"It never ceases to amaze me how one person's divisive dysfunctional behavior can permeate the entire organization like a cancer."  

–Tim Field


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Bullying Perpetuated By Bosses: The Causes, The Effects and the Laws That Are Coming

New laws are pending. This pending legislation will change the ramifications for companies that don’t prepare for their arrival. This is not a legal discourse, but rather a human discourse on what you as HR staff can do to ensure that you have “bully proofed” your organization. While we know that 55% of workplace bullying is perpetuated by bosses, the Human Resources Department, where complaints are usually lodged and investigated, is where the buck stops and solutions are found. However, 62% of what is reported to HR is never investigated. In our culture of busy management and HR, it can be easy to overlook seemingly small complaints. However, new laws are coming into effect, some as early as this fall. These laws severely penalize companies that don’t investigate workplace bullying and harassment. Don’t let the laws catch you unaware! Instead of managing with the outdated belief that bullying a subordinate improves productivity and performance, learn new leadership strategies that increase employee satisfaction. This presentation helps human resources staff and management:

  • Understand the various forms of bullying in the workplace and how they can effect productivity
  • Appreciate the cost of workplace bullying in both dollar and productivity terms
  • Learn how to set an example of respect in the office environment
  • Identify key aspects in their company policies that ensure the protection of their employees' and company's well-being
  • Understand how the new laws will affect the office environment
  • Discover leadership styles and strategies that prevent bullying and lead to greater employee retention and productivity.


Human resources and management staff will walk away from the presentation with the skills to ensure that their company's management policies and work environment foster bully free work zones.


Note: Traciana Graves is not a lawyer. Legal advice will not be given.

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