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For Parents and Educators

If you are a

  • College student
  • Parent of a college student
  • Professor
  • Administrator on a college campus

our 7 Songs & 7 Keys to a Bully-Free Zone College Handbook is a MUST have. This valuable resource is easy to reference and includes information that everyone on campus should know.

Pre-order now for just $14.95.
Receive your copy hot off the press August 25, 2012.





This vividly illustrated book provides:

  • Over 50 tools and strategies for recognizing and preventing bullying and its associated forms, including harassment, hazing, sexual assault, violence and cyberbullying
  • Essential guidelines on how to prevent and intervene during incidents in the classroom, dorm and around campus
  • Answers about how bullying and cyberbullying disempower all young people
  • Information about state and federal laws
  • Guidance on how school clubs, Greek organizations and administration can take a stand against bullying
  • The top 10 misconceptions about bullying and bullying prevention on campus
  • The top 10 things parents should watch for while their young adults are away from home
  • What to do when you or someone you know is being bullied



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