Whatever you call it, whether it's sexual harassment, hazing or bullying,
the damage and the solutions are the same.

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Accepting All Students: The ABC’s Of Creating A LGBTQ-Straight Alliance
National college surveys report that gay faculty and students report a “chilly” climate on campus. This presentation helps students to recognize their maximum potential so that can feel safe and respected in their learning and living environment and take create alliances of zero tolerance that. Using song, story telling and research packed multi media, this Project Campus Life program empowers members of the LGBTQ and Straight community by:

• Exploring the impact this community has on the entire campus

• Giving students and faculty who are not part of this community an opportunity to understand the various terms, definitions and experience of the LGBTQ community
•Facilitating alliances between LGBTQ and straight students to create a culture that affords dignity and respect for all on campus


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