"It never ceases to amaze me how one person's divisive dysfunctional behavior can permeate the entire organization like a cancer."  

–Tim Field


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Project Bully Free Workplace
Creating safety, inclusion and respect for all.

Seven Keys to Driving Success and Innovation in the Workplace: How To Create Happy, Healthy Work Environments

During this presentation, Traciana provides an organizational blue print to drive results, cultivate brilliance and create a culture of safety and inclusiveness that is guaranteed to help your organization improve its bottom line. Traciana reveals key strategies critical for every aspect of your company’s day-to-day operations.  This presentation will impart tools that increase employee communication,  foster innovation and  enhance collaboration for A+ results.
If you're ready to see improved employee performance characterized by high achievement -- ensuring that employees have a greater stake in creating and sustaining a happy, healthy work environment-- this presentation is essential for your organization.
In this interactive, entertaining and unforgettable presentation, Traciana addresses how to:

  • Create an inclusive culture of safety, respect and empowerment for all
  • Mitigate the impact of employee discontent and workplace bullying on employee health, family life and workplace productivity
  • Understand the ramifications of the new bullying laws on the horizon
  • Develop proper protocols and procedures for including everyone’s voice and opinion in the workplace
  • Leverage your company policies with ongoing protocols and strategies to develop a workplace culture that fosters inclusion, effective communication and heightened team building and productivity

*We can customize this presentation to share company-specific anti-bullying and harassment policies





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