Whatever you call it, whether it's sexual harassment, hazing or bullying,
the damage and the solutions are the same.

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Seven Keys to Building a Strong Campus Community

This highly engaging, action-packed presentation tackles issues facing campuses today, such as the unique challenges each schools faces in creating a safe campus environment that appreciates, respects and encompasses all demographics. Traciana shares key strategies to empower students to share their unique voices in their various roles around campus as they simultaneously benefit from a campus where their peers are doing the same.

Using song, storytelling, experiential education and multimedia, this presentation is guaranteed to support students in:
1. Addressing the critical need bring civility to life on campus on a day-to day basis
2. Creating campus wide initiatives that are characterized by engaged students who communicate effectively
3. Idenfiying ways to promote and appreciate diversity
4.  Engaging students from diverse backgrounds to find common threads of connection
5. Becoming Upstanders who stand up for inclusion and speak out against lack of campus kindness
6.  Fostering key partnerships with student groups and organization invested in creating an environment of kindness and inclusion where all students have a stake in campus life
7. Understanding the various consequences and legal ramifications of lack of civility and its various forms can take, including: hazing, harassment, sexual assault and cyberbullying.


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